Reasons Why Concrete Pavers are a Great Choice for a Home

To replace or lay a new driveway or patio, you need to choose what substance to use. Concrete pavers are a great choice in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Read on to discover more.


Concrete pavers come in a variety of colours and some blend several hues. Therefore, you have a lot of choices when planning your paving design. To harmonise it with your house, you could install pavers that are a couple of shades lighter than the external walls. Because the paving is subtly softer, it will harmonise with the house without competing for attention. If your home's cladding is grey, you could add warmth with terracotta-toned pavers, offset with a grey border. You can also combine pavers with poured concrete. For example, set an edge of concrete faux-slate pavers against light grey poured concrete.

Shapes and Textures

The shape and textures of the pavers provide more ways you can play with the design. Concrete pavers can be treated to roughen the edges to mimic cut pieces of stone. Once they age, they'll look like an integral part of the landscape. Pavers also come in diverse shapes, such as rectangles, squares, and fan configurations that form circular paving patterns. Even simple rectangle pavers can create an interesting look. You can set them in pairs horizontally and vertically, forming a basketweave design. A running bond array is created with relatively simple rows but with the joints staggered.


You may wonder what the required maintenance is for concrete pavers. Pavers are set on a compacted layer of gravel and sand, and you won't need any grout. One of their advantages is that if any parts of the surface are stained or damaged, individual pavers can be replaced seamlessly. For this reason, you might consider buying extra pavers at the time of the initial installation. If they're from the same batch, the colours will be almost identical. In the future, it may be more difficult to match the existing hue or shape.

Your contractor may also recommend sealing the pavers. And in some cases, the sand that is scattered between the pavers may need a top-up every few years. However, this depends on the type of sand used, as some polymer varieties don't require as much replenishment.


Concrete pavers are extremely strong, so they are ideal for driveways and patios. Concrete is itself a durable material, and the compacted base adds to the sturdiness of the surface. You won't have to worry about your driveway cracking, as the sub-base is strong while allowing for some movement in the pavers.

For more information about pavers, contact a local supplier.