Are You Starting a Construction Project? See 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Concrete Slabs

A concrete slab is one of the most popular materials used for home foundations. Building contractors create one by digging perimeter footings and making a small retainer wall. Then, they pour the concrete and wait for it to cure before proceeding with the rest of the construction. Concrete slabs are a special type of foundation compared to options like pier, basement, and crawl-space foundations.  You can choose the conventional on-ground slab, a waffle pod slab, a pre-cast slab, or a suspended slab.

3 Ways Concrete Kerbing Can Help Your Business and the Environment

Most commercial landscapes in Australia and other countries find concrete kerbing an incredible practice or feature today. This practice or landscape edging technique enhances the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape in a big way. But does concrete kerbing benefit the environment in any way? Yes, it does. When you invest in concrete kerbing, you don't just help your business; it's also beneficial to the environment in different ways.  However, most people haven't realised the benefits that come with concrete kerbing, and that's why they perhaps don't think about it.

Reasons To Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property

Beautifying your garden with colourful hardscape features brings the best out of natural foliage and plants, providing visual interest and contrast. Exposed aggregate surfaces are not only attractive but also functional. Consider the following reasons to spread this flooring around your yard. Colour Choices While some materials like stone and timber offer colour variations, with exposed aggregate, you can select and mix colours to form your favourite shades and hues. You could mix blue and tan pebbles, for example, or else incorporate stones in various shades of grey.