Are You Starting a Construction Project? See 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Concrete Slabs

A concrete slab is one of the most popular materials used for home foundations. Building contractors create one by digging perimeter footings and making a small retainer wall. Then, they pour the concrete and wait for it to cure before proceeding with the rest of the construction. Concrete slabs are a special type of foundation compared to options like pier, basement, and crawl-space foundations. 

You can choose the conventional on-ground slab, a waffle pod slab, a pre-cast slab, or a suspended slab. Here are the main reasons why you should choose a concrete foundation over other types of foundations. 

It Creates a Permanent Moisture Barrier

One of the biggest concerns you should have when starting the foundation to your house is whether water from the subfloor and the soil can leach up through the foundation material and cause damage inside your house. Some of the common types of damage caused by moisture include bubbling of paint on the walls and mould growth inside the home.

Concrete contractors understand how to pour and seal the concrete to prevent damage from moisture inside the home. With concrete, you will have a strong and dry home for many years.

It Lasts for Many Years

Another benefit that comes from concrete is that the foundation can last for decades. Concrete does not rust or get pest damage, and it isn't affected by other conditions that affect metal, wood, and other materials. When poured and cured correctly, it creates a foundation that is not easy to damage. 

Additionally, it creates an effective barrier against pests such as termites and protects your home from getting damaged by them. With the right maintenance, a concrete slab foundation can create a home that will last for decades without the need for repairs.

It Regulates Temperatures Inside Your Home

Concrete has a high amount of thermal mass. The mass increases the ability of your house to store heat. Houses made with concrete slabs retain a lot of heat, making them ideal in places where there are great temperature fluctuations.

You can choose to place any other flooring material on top of the concrete slab. It works well with wood, vinyl, tiles and natural stone. You can even choose to polish it, creating a unique and affordable floor for your home.

These are the benefits that come from concrete slabs. Choose an experienced contractor to help you with the initial installation. You will get a strong and durable foundation for your home.