Reasons To Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property

Beautifying your garden with colourful hardscape features brings the best out of natural foliage and plants, providing visual interest and contrast. Exposed aggregate surfaces are not only attractive but also functional. Consider the following reasons to spread this flooring around your yard.

Colour Choices

While some materials like stone and timber offer colour variations, with exposed aggregate, you can select and mix colours to form your favourite shades and hues. You could mix blue and tan pebbles, for example, or else incorporate stones in various shades of grey. If your home is clad in weatherboard planks coloured a soft, creamy yellow, you could add yellowish stones to the concrete or create contrast by filling the cement with blue rocks. You might want to echo the roof colour instead within the aggregate. Because you can pick particular decorative elements, you'll have plenty of control over the final surface. 

Can Create Curves

Whether contractors add the aggregates integrally or seed them one by one into the cement, they pour the concrete into the designated space. Because it's fluid at this point, it can create virtually any shape. It can form curved and winding edges that mimic organic flowing lines in nature. You could design a kidney-shaped patio area, a winding path that weaves through the garden, or a rounded pool deck, for example.

Provides Texture

Exposed aggregate presents a textured non-slip surface because of the aggregates peeking out the cement. This is ideal for areas such as patios and pool decks which can at times be covered in rain or splashed pool water. Remember that you'll probably want to lounge around these outdoor spaces in bare feet. Thus, select smooth decorations that won't cause you to wince as you walk over them. Rounded river pebbles with edges softened by running water are better than sharp stones crushed by a pulverising machine. Ask your contractors about what works best for bare feet and traction.

Durable And Low-Maintenance

There's not much point creating beautiful flooring around your yard if you have to spend hours in maintenance. The excellent news with exposed aggregate is that it virtually looks after itself. You'll need to seal it periodically as per recommendations. But other than that, it doesn't need particular care. You might wash it now and then with a hose or pressure washer if it becomes soiled. 

Additionally, concrete doesn't rot or warp as timber does, and you won't have the hassle of weeds sprouting up between pavers, causing hours of back-breaking work. As the aggregate forms one solid surface, there's nowhere for them to sprout.

To learn more, contact an exposed aggregate supplier.