Main Concrete Cutting Techniques Employed During a Renovation

The most ubiquitous construction supply across the board is concrete, and the reason for its sustained popularity is the versatility of options that it accords any project. Concrete can be fabricated into a vast assortment of sizes, profiles, shapes and textures making it suitable for almost any type of building that you are looking to erect. However, if you would like to change the concrete or alter it in some way, you would need to have it cut. Since concrete is quite strong, there are different forms of concrete cutting that you could choose depending on what you are looking to achieve. Whether you are about to remodel your entire residence or just renovating one part of your home, the following are the main concrete cutting techniques that can be employed.

Concrete cutting via core drilling

One of the more popular methods of concrete cutting, core drilling tends to be the go-to technique when people are looking to create holes in the concrete surfaces. Since the concrete is drilled through, the contractors will utilise blades that comprise steel, which has been fortified with a diamond edge. Core drilling would be ideal if you are looking to either re-wire your home during a renovation or if you would like to install some hardware behind the walls that will be attached to various household systems such as plumbing, your heating and ventilation system and so on.

Concrete cutting via wall sawing

As suggested by its name, wall sawing would come in handy when you are working with concrete walls. This technique is usually utilised when homeowners would like to create a gap or space in the walls to accommodate a window or a doorway. The concrete contractors will make use of a specialised saw that has been mounted for easier access to the space they will be cutting through. Wall sawing is also ideal if you are looking to cut through your ceiling for one reason or another.

Concrete cutting via flat sawing

Most people will probably have not heard of flat sawing, as this type of concrete cutting technique is not employed on a regular basis. The equipment used for this task comprises a mobile cart that has been fitted with sharp cutting blades. The contractor will move the vehicle along the concrete surface, and the blades subsequently eliminate the concrete in an attempt to level the area. Flat sawing is better suited when you are looking to replace a concrete driveway and would like to eliminate the entire surface in one fell swoop.