Hiring Concrete Crushers: A Guide

If you have recently completed a concrete repair or removal job, you may have waste concrete material that you wish to dispose of. One environmentally friendly way of disposing of concrete is to use a concrete crusher. A concrete crusher is a machine which uses large amounts of pressure in order to break pieces of concrete into a small dust. Below is a guide to the various types of concrete crushers which are on the market which will help you to choose the best type for your needs.

Jaw Concrete Crushers

Jaw concrete crushers are a popular choice among unskilled workers as they feature a simple design which requires minimal training. Jaw crushers work by crushing pieces of concrete between two large metal jaws. This can be a disadvantage if you need to break larger blocks of concrete. However, one positive of choosing to use a jaw crusher is that they produce much less dust than other types of concrete crushing equipment.

Impact Concrete Crushers

Impact concrete crushers are typically used by professional construction and demolition workers. An impact crusher works by using centrifugal force to drive the concrete material beneath a series of hammers or by propelling pieces of concrete against a solid surface. This type of crusher can help to easily separate out different materials from the concrete as it is broken down. This type of crusher can be very useful if you need to break down concrete which is reinforced with steel. This means you can easily separate out foreign materials you wish to recycle or dispose of.

Cone Concrete Crushers

Cone concrete crusher are not used as frequently as impact and jaw concrete crushers. A cone crusher features a large metal cone into which the pieces of concrete are placed. As the concrete travels down the cone, it comes into contact with blades which grind the concrete. The crushed concrete then exits the machine via the tip of the cone. A cone crusher is ideal if you need to crush wet material such as concrete which as been submerged under water. This is because any sludge will be easily captured by the cone and will not clog up the crusher. However, because they are not as commonly available, a cone crusher may be more expensive when compared to other types of equipment.

If you would like further information about hiring a concrete crusher, you should contact a concrete service today.