Why You Should Consider Liquid Limestone for Your Paving Needs

Whether it's your driveway, patio or pool area, the choice of building materials you want used is something to pay extra attention to when thinking of building or remodelling these areas. There are many material options to consider such as concrete and exposed aggregate. However, liquid limestone is revered by many homeowners lately because of its many benefits. Liquid limestone is basically a mixture of cement and limestone and sometimes additives. Here are some reasons you should consider using this material for your paving solutions.

Liquid Limestone Is Durable

Liquid limestone is a long-lasting building material. It is able to withstand high levels of traffic, including heavy vehicles. This makes it an ideal material to use on your driveway as well as your patio. In addition, liquid limestone does not easily warp, even when exposed to the elements. This means your liquid limestone paving will remain functional across all the seasons.

Liquid Limestone Is Cost Effective (Especially When You Have an Existing Paving)

If you have an already existing paving such as concrete, liquid limestone can be poured on it. You don't have to worry about doing away with your existing paving before building the new one with liquid limestone. This will save you a significant amount of money on labour.

Liquid Limestone Is Relatively Easy to Maintain

Among the major problems that many homeowners tend to have with their paving solutions, especially brick, is having to deal with the weeds and moss that oftentimes spring out between the gaps in the paving. The weeds and moss also attract bugs in most cases. This means part of their maintenance routine is keeping the weeds, moss and bugs at bay while ensuring the paving remains aesthetically pleasing. With liquid limestone, you don't have to worry about such maintenance because no gaps are created when the material is poured. To take care of your liquid limestone paving, occasionally washing it down with your garden hose is the only thing you will have to do.

Liquid Limestone Is Slip Resistant

Liquid limestone is naturally a slip-resistant material because of the presence of cement and the other additives used to make it. Therefore, when your liquid limestone paving is wet, it will not be slippery so you do not have to worry about someone walking on slipping and falling and possibly getting injured. This is part of the reason liquid limestone paving is usually recommended for use around areas such as your pool.