Fixing Your Cracked Concrete Kerbing

Kerbs are an excellent way to landscape your property whether you are using them in your driveway, yard, or garden. However, daily abuse and exposure to elements means your concrete kerbing will deteriorate with time. This will reduce its functionality and can also affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Your concrete kerbing will start cracking with time, and when this happens, knowing your next course of action is oftentimes crucial. Patching up a cracking concrete kerbing is something you can do on your own as long as you have the right tools and provided you do it correctly. If you have never done this before, here are steps to guide you through the process of kerb repair.

Clear The Area

Prepping the area by clearing any dirt or plants will make your repair process easier. It also exposes other areas of the kerb that may be cracked and that would otherwise have been unnoticed. Loosen and remove any pieces of concrete that seem unstable. If removing the pieces by hand proves difficult, consider using an angled chisel and a sledgehammer to break them away. Removing all the loose and unstable pieces eliminates any weak spots you might have on the kerbing once you are done with the repairs.

Hose It Down

Once the damaged kerbing area is clear of any debris, hose it down thoroughly. Doing this ensures any remaining debris, including small concrete particles, is completely rinsed away. Don't rush to the next step when you are done washing the damaged area with your garden hose. Let it sit for a few days to allow the concrete to dry completely, both outside and inside. If the concrete doesn't dry thoroughly, the bonding agent you will use to patch the place may not work perfectly.

Patch It Up

This is the last step of your repair process. You need to prepare your concrete patch by simply mixing the ingredients you have. In most cases, the packaging of the patch material will have information on the ingredients to use and instructions to mix them so you shouldn't panic. You should apply your adhesive bond gently on the surface of your kerbing that is to be repaired. You will need a paintbrush for this. For consistency in the mix, it would be a good idea to just buy premix concrete. Once you have your perfect mix, patch the place using a trowel. You need more than just one layer for effective results, so apply as many layers as possible while pressing the patching mix into the area you are repairing. Doing this will ensure you have a strong patch. Once done, scrape off the excess and cover the kerbing with a plastic tarp. This will help your patch material to cure faster.