Why You Should Consider Liquid Limestone for Your Paving Needs

Whether it's your driveway, patio or pool area, the choice of building materials you want used is something to pay extra attention to when thinking of building or remodelling these areas. There are many material options to consider such as concrete and exposed aggregate. However, liquid limestone is revered by many homeowners lately because of its many benefits. Liquid limestone is basically a mixture of cement and limestone and sometimes additives.

Fixing Your Cracked Concrete Kerbing

Kerbs are an excellent way to landscape your property whether you are using them in your driveway, yard, or garden. However, daily abuse and exposure to elements means your concrete kerbing will deteriorate with time. This will reduce its functionality and can also affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Your concrete kerbing will start cracking with time, and when this happens, knowing your next course of action is oftentimes crucial.

Five Tips for Keeping Algae Out of Your Water Tank

If you have a water tank or pond for irrigation or household use, algae may grow in it. Luckily, there are numerous ways to reduce the presence of algae in water tanks. Take a look at these ideas. 1. Don't Feed Ducks Bread If your water tank is an open pond, you may have ducks or other fowl there. Although it can be tempting, you should not feed them bread. Uneaten bread can sit on the surface of the water and encourage the growth of algae.

Why Hire a Concrete Pumping Service for Your Home Renovation Project

When you have a home renovation project that involves fresh concrete, you want to avoid the temptation of mixing and spreading the concrete yourself, even if it's for a small walkway or patio area. Hiring a concrete mixing and pumping service is the better choice and will help ensure the success of your project and longevity of that concrete itself. Note why that is and why a homeowner should always use a concrete mixing and pumping service for any such project.

What a Homeowner Needs to Know About Having a New Asphalt Driveway Installed

An asphalt driveway can be a very durable and long-lasting choice for any home; asphalt will also help absorb noise from nearby traffic and provides added traction against rain, snow, and ice. Asphalt is also often much cheaper than concrete, making it a good option for a homeowner on a budget. If you're thinking of getting an asphalt driveway installed outside your home, note a few considerations to keep in mind so you can ensure you know what's involved in the installation process.