Why Concrete Is by Far the Best Option for Any New Driveway Project

If you've moved into a new home without a garage and a place that does not have any existing space for some cars, you may want to change that. After all, it's a good idea to keep vehicles off the road if possible, as they will undoubtedly be less vulnerable to damage. So, if you want to come up with the perfect solution and something likely to last for decades, you should consider installing a concrete driveway. However, what do you need to bear in mind before you start to plan?

Choosing Your Design

Concrete is one of the most cost-effective driveway solutions, as once you have installed it, it requires very little in the way of upkeep. These days, you don't have to choose from a "predictable" concrete finish, as you can pick beautiful and intricate patterns and different colours that can help to match the look and feel of your home while boosting its curb appeal.

Working with the Best

It's best if you work with skilled contractors whenever you install concrete. The more care involved during installation, the better your driveway will retain its outstanding appearance in the long run.

How Concrete Driveways Are Formed

To begin with, ensure that the area to be treated is as level and stable as possible. You must carefully remove any grass vegetation in this area, as well as larger stones or other impediments that get in the way. Once you are down to a stable soil foundation, this may well have to be compacted before the contractors define the drive's perimeter using wooden forms. A gravel base is added and carefully laid to ensure consistent levels throughout the installation. The contractors will pour the concrete to the prescribed depth when everything is ready.

Guaranteeing a Good Finish

Remember, concrete takes time to cure, and you should never hurry this job. If the concrete cure is too quickly, it may not be as stable as it could be. So, contractors may need to be on hand to hose down the surface occasionally if hot weather threatens to cure it too quickly. This work should guarantee a high-quality finish.

Looking after Your Driveway

When the concrete driveway is ready for use, you'll be delighted by the result. Looking forward, ensure that you seal it once per year and, in the meantime, get rid of any dirt accumulation using a stiff brush and a hose.

Extra Information

For further advice about concrete driveways, get in touch with concrete contractors.