Three Simple Preparation Steps for Painting a Precast Concrete Wall

If you are planning on building your walls using precast concrete blocks, you should think about the potential aesthetic appeal of the completed structure. In general, concrete is an unattractive grey material. It usually does not contribute to the beautiful appearance of a building. Therefore, it is important to look into your options for optimal visual appeal. Ideally, you should opt for aesthetically pleasing blocks when ordering your blocks.

In simple terms, concrete blocks can be improved visually during the manufacturing process. For instance, you can choose coloured concrete for the fabrication of your custom precast blocks. The casting moulds can also have different finishes and patterns. This will guarantee that your concrete walls are appealing. If you have already built your structure with plain precast blocks, consider these simple tips for painting the completed structure.

Purchase Ideal Paint

Your choice of paint will affect the final results after coating your completed precast concrete wall. Therefore, you must purchase the best paint for your project. Do not only focus on the colour and appeal of the paint products. Instead, you should consider the performance characteristics of different products. For instance, the right paint should be compatible for use on concrete structures. Also, if you are painting the outer surfaces of your walls, you will need to make certain that the material is UV tolerant and moisture resistant.

Inspect and Clean

You should inspect your precast concrete walls before proceeding with your painting project. If your wall is quite new, it will probably be in good condition. However, if you have an older wall, there might be some holes and cracks in the structure. If this is the case, you will need to patch up the structure. If the damage is significant, you should contact your concrete contractor for repair. It is also important to clean the surfaces before painting the walls. This will promote the durability of the paint coats.

Seal and Prime

It is advisable to seal your precast concrete wall for the protection of the blocks if the structure is not already sealed. In general, if you cover a non-sealed wall with a plastic sheet tightly, there will be condensate on the paper. You can use this method to determine if your wall is properly sealed. If not, you can purchase and apply the sealer. Once this coating dries, you can use primer to create a smooth template and promote adhesion. Finally, apply a few light coatings of paint to achieve the best results.